At Slone Dental, you’re family!

We consider you to be a part of the family and you will feel the difference that makes. You are our motivation for coming to work each day. We strive to build a lasting relationship with each patient and look forward to getting to know you through the years.

Dr. Sarah Slone, DMD


Sarah Slone

Dr. Sarah Slone

I’m a mommy, smile stylist, smile scientist and an unapologetic lover of beauty in nature, in people and in  design. I started Slone Dental to bring a fresh, nonjudgmental approach to general, cosmetic, and rehabilitative dentistry. 

I am a Lexington native and I completed my undergraduate education in Biology at the University of Kentucky and my Doctorate in Dentistry at the University of Kentucky College of Dentistry.

I understand how dentistry can truly change a person’s life and bring confidence where it was lacking before. I want to know my patients, their stories, and their goals. My approach is to customize the treatment to individual goals, financial circumstances and unique needs and I always work to create long lasting results that are exceptional. I’ve worked with people from all walks of life to create natural looking smiles and I have a firm belief that the mouth is critically connected to body. This is why I have focused al my efforts on wellness and cosmetic dentistry.

I’m committed to excellence and will never stop learning, which is why I’ve been extensively involved in the dental community. As a Spear Faculty Club Member and Accreditation Candidate with the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, I spend a great deal of time learning from the best in the world. From these folks and many others, I get to indulge my unquenchable thirst to learn, feed my artistic passions and grow daily both personally and professionally.

Which brings me to you. My handpicked team of professionals share a similar vision to bring energy and joy to our work. We know that we best serve you when we work well together, so that’s what we do every day. We strive to develop a positive nurturing environment, so that you can feel comfortable and confident every time you visit.

I’m here to serve you so that your time at Slone Dental will stand out. We have a welcoming, light hearted approach with our patients that you’ll appreciate, but we’re professional to the core and we are driven to continually learn. This passion translates to a knowledgeable team committed to your health who can help you consider all the options. You feel the difference when you walk in the door. We’re a team, we’re modern, we’re ourselves and here for you.

We are ordinary people looking to do extraordinary things. Giving back through Dentistry remains a founding belief in my practice and every act of giving matters. Slone Dental is a “for purpose” company that values people over profit and we look for opportunities to weave generosity into our practice. From donating toothbrushes to The Nest in Lexington, KY, to supporting the Give Back a Smile foundation, providing rehabilitation to victims of domestic violence, we gladly do what we can.

I am particularly passionate about education and providing opportunities for children throughout the world to receive access to a quality education. We are proud supporters of Pencils of Promise and a portion of the proceeds from our work is currently funding a school build project. We invite you to join in the cause.

Whether you are in search of exceptional health centered dentistry or outstanding cosmetic dentistry, and wherever you’re from, please accept my personal invitation to visit Slone Dental in Lexington, Ky. I look forward to helping you achieve the smile you’ve dreamed of. Expect to be known, cared for and involved in your path to dental wellness. We can’t wait to meet you!

Lastly, to each of my current patients and friends of the practice, each of you mean so much to me and the team. We are grateful to have the privilege to care for you and your families. Thank you for making dentistry so much fun.

Let’s create your smile story!

dr sarah slone and family lexington ky
Meet Sarah's FamilyWhen she's not helping her patients, Sarah loves spending time with her husband, Ben, and her two children, Slone and Wells.


Dr. Anne Bligh Murry, DMD

I think in my family we have the healing urge encoded in our DNA, because my father is also a dentist, my mother is a hospital pharmacist and my brother practices urology. 

When you grow up in a family that’s scientifically minded and insatiably curious about how and why things work and about how and why they fail, you can’t help but be propelled into a profession where you get to exercise those mental muscles. Throw in the fact that we’ve always been a close and caring bunch and its almost inevitable that I was going to go into medicine of one sort or another.

I surfaced in dentistry because I’m a natural born researcher who’s long been fascinated by the connection between oral health and systemic disease. The connection is there and the evidence is compelling: the healthier the mouth, the healthier the body, and the quicker you get in tune with your oral health, the longer and happier a life you’re going to live. 

Though I’m always pondering the particulars of some very involved biology, my approach can be summed up in a simple philosophy: patients first. I’m proud to be a part of a practice which shares that approach, and as someone who truly cares about your wellbeing, I bring a combination of ethics, academics, and a personal touch to your dental treatment. 

Rest assured I won’t judge you or any patient who might have neglected their dental needs. Whether fear or life circumstances have gotten in the way, I can confidently rehabilitate your smile into something you can be proud of. I believe in both preventative and conservative treatment, as well as patient education. 

As for my own education, I completed my undergraduate studies at the University of Kentucky, and I’m still a big UK fan! I graduated from the University of Louisville College of Dentistry in 2007, and following graduation, I completed a general practice residency with the University of Alabama-Birmingham.

The pursuit of clinical excellence drives my continuing efforts. I still spend extensive time learning from the best in the business so I can confidently and proficiently restore your smile. I won’t stop learning or enjoying what I do, so please accept my warm welcome. I look forward to empowering your health choices and contributing to your overall wellness soon.